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The “timeless city”, it is the perfect title for the country of Rome, where real roaming commences. The country has developed in many years, hence it would consume more than one day to explore it properly. If the grand statues and historical spots do not entertain you, then just ramble around the city's streets, observe the culture, taste the food and make your expedition highly pleasant. The accommodation can never be a problem in Rome as a wide range of hotels can be found easily in Rome, providing ultimate comfort and convenience.

About Rome

The home of Pizzas, Rome is globally known for its eternal beauty. The artistic city has some most gorgeous destinations and imposing monuments that make this one of the oldest cities in the world, a tourist's paradise. The masters of art and culture have always domineered here as there are many art galleries, artistic academies and love for music and dance can be experienced even on the streets. People of Rome are culturally active and they extensively participate in drama and cinema.


The best time to visit Rome is during April, May and from September to December. The winters are pleasant and it is more enjoyable as it's Christmas holiday season. On the other hand summers are very hot and humid.

Places of Interest:

The Colosseum - It is the world’s best known amphitheatre from the Roman times.

Spanish Steps - A monumental stairway consisting of 138 steps, located in the very heart of historic Rome.

Piazza di Spagna - it is probably the most attractive and one of the most visited squares in Rome.

Trinità dei Monti - Another gorgeous site on the square, it i a beautiful French church standing on the top of the hill.

The Fontana di Trevi - Built in 1735, it is entirely a Baroque structure and it is one of the most beautiful fountain structure of the city.

The Pantheon - One of the best preserved pieces of architecture from the ancient Roman times, it is also the final resting place of few of the prominent Roman kings.

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