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Separated by South China Sea- Malaysia, offers a multi-cultural cocktail to its visitors. The country enamours all with its flavours of Malay, Chinese and Indian origin that perfuse in the minds creating lifelong memories. Malaysia tour is all about diversity; contraries live in perfect harmony here. Kuala Lumpur gliding high with advancements in technology and Sarawak dazzling with scintillating charm of beaches of Perhetian Islands are perfect examples of the diversity that pervades in the nation.

Malaysia HolidaysA potpourri of cultures the country is also an ideal destination for gourmets to enjoy culinary delights of Asia; thus while on a tour to Malaysia one must not miss on the diverse lip-smacking fares the country offers. The climate of the country is tropical though the temperature never rises above comfortable degrees making it a soothing setting for the visitors. A long coastline of Malaysia has various gorgeous beaches. 

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A plethora of national parks and tranquil islands add to the beauty of the nation. Beauteous beaches are ideal for a relaxed vacation by the sea. The aquatic life is rich at Malaysian waters and people love visiting the country to try their hands at scuba diving. The lesser adventurous sorts can enjoy a hip scene at the beach from where they will return with a perfect tan to flaunt. The beauty of its beaches is incomparable and attracts numerous beach lovers to its shores.
Malaysia Tour PackagesA Malaysia tour package is incomplete without a visit to its lush national parks such as Taman Negara National Park. Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this rain forest is one of world's oldest national parks. The park developed into a renowned ecotourism destination features several geological and biological attractions. It is home to some of the endangered species such as Indochinese Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Malayan Gaur, Asian Elephant and more. Many such rain forests are announced as wildlife reserves in Malaysia making it an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

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A perky township Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. The city is flanked by an array of shopping centres, hip nightclubs and discs which are most preferred zone for youngsters. Amongst the list of most famous tourist destinations in Kuala Lumpur- Istanana Budaya, Istana Negara, Kula Lumpur Tower, Muzium Negara and Tugu Negara are those added in most of the Malaysia holiday packages. The city also houses world's tallest twin towers namely Petronas Twin Towers.

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The country is booming in medical tourism as well and is respected world-wide for medical tourism. Over the years, Malaysia has emerged in this field providing world class services on comfortable prices.

Medical tourism has flourished on the existence of apposite infrastructure, presence of efficient medical practitioners and impeccable services.

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In a nutshell, a Malaysia tour is to enjoy the natural vivacity of its beaches, to get inspired by its technological brilliance, take home its concoction of diverse cultures and indulge in shopping extravaganza.

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