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Best of Kerala Tours
Sojourn to Hill Stations Brings the Best of Kerala Tours: The clouds come down to meet you at the enchanting hill stations of Kerala. Backwaters and beaches are not the only examples of heavenly beauty in Kerala the state is also blessed with
Munnar - Best of Kerala Tours
rolling mountains, pine forests, cascading sounds of waterfalls at its gorgeous hill stations. All Kerala tours must include visit to these ultimate abodes of serenity where the mist- laden mornings are covered with the warmth of genial hospitality and
Munnar Hill, Kerala Tours
undulating forests are covered in the company of a fellow traveller belonging to another pole of the earth. These less traversed routes of Kerala tour packages are picturesque romantic settings igniting the spark of intimacy amongst lovers.

Explore Kerala hill stations to get
Best of Kerala Tours
charmed by countryside magnetism, refreshing winds of its low hills, comfort of its hut style accommodation, thrill of staying in its tree houses and of course those breathtaking vistas. Some of the famous hill stations of Kerala are:
Best of Kerala Tours
Munnar: Its valleys redolent with tea and spice plantations, crisp mountain air gushing through its rolling mountains, Munnar is where travellers visit to escape the sultry heat of South Indian lowlands. Mountains wrapped in blossoming foliage meandered by quaint
Best of Kerala Tours
water bodies looks almost surreal. The homesick British would make it their home during summers as a result from the dense forests and gorgeous meadows the tilted roofs of Victorian style edifices are still visible. Visit to Munnar thus gives a memorable
Best of Kerala Tours
experience to one's Kerala tour for it adds tranquillity and old world charm to the vacation.

Kottayam: Stretch of greenery spread between Western Ghats and backwaters, Kottayam is famed for its spice and rubber trade. On Kerala tour packages, after a
Best of Kerala Tours
long aquatic experience with the state's seashores and backwaters, Kottayam brings a refreshing change; a bookish town which appears to have emerged from the pages of a fiction book, Kottayam is flanked by Victorian architecture such as churches, seminaries
Best of Kerala Tours
and prospering foliage.

Devikulam: The sensational cliffs exuding emerald hues and its lakesides echoing lore of gods and goddesses, Devikulam is a tiny hamlet situated at an altitude of 1800 m in the state of Kerala. The lush landscapes, verdant tea plantations filling the
Best of Kerala Tours
air with sweet aroma and the cascading sounds of its waterfalls filling the valley with rhythmic sounds, Devikulam is most rightly named "Pond of Goddess". A visit to the hill station laces Kerala tours with memories worth cherishing for life.

Laid-back and tranquilizing visit to
Best of Kerala Tours
hill station in the region adds rejuvenation to Kerala tours. While vacationing in the region one can further enhance the experience by opting for a soul-stirring Ayurveda treatment. Ayurveda is an ancient traditionally practiced science of medicine; it has been scientifically proven that its
Best of Kerala Tours
therapies causes no side effects and can treat various ailments. Simply enjoying an  Ayurveda massage on your vacation adds delight to your languid vacations. These hill stations in Kerala too have great massage parlours
Best of Kerala Tours
offering Ayurveda massages done with natural herbs and oils. So, on your tours to Kerala don't forget to indulge in a beautification Ayurveda therapy for a complete effect of Keralan countryside fun.

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Berinag Travel Guide

Tour Services India - providing information on Berinag tourism, Berinag travel guide, Berinag is popular for yielding high quality tea. Berinag is famous for its magnificent view of the Himalayas. Berinag Tour Packages, Uttarakhand Holidays, tourist places in Uttarakhand etc.
Berinag Travel Guide
Memoirs of My Sojourn to Berinag: It was our most judicious decision that we trusted our tour agent completely for planning and organizing our Uttarakhand tours. This was our first visit to the country and our 16 days travel itinerary included a visit to Berinag; a place we 
Berinag Travel Guide
hadn’t heard of neither did searching the web provided much information about this heaven of a place. Yet we were excited about the off-beaten path that we took for our tours to Uttarakhand and left earliest for Berinag only to be greeted by nature’s bounty, aromatic valleys, beautiful people and ancient
Berinag Travel Guide

Berinag: Berinag is nestled in the district of Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand and is one of the most beautiful hill stations of the region whose untouched beauty and serenity was almost healing in character. We took a day off and spent it
Berinag Travel Guide
enjoying mountain tea at our balcony and gazing at the picturesque peaks and surrounding panorama. Next day we woke up completely rejuvenated and were eager to set on our sightseeing tour.

Climate and geography:
Berinag Travel Guide
A tiny hill station in the lap of Mother Nature, Berinag with its peaceful and gorgeous ambiance is a place worth seeing for sightseeing of Himalayan peaks such as Panchachuli and Nandadevi. Embellished with thick forests, lush valleys, gorgeous ravines and rich flora and fauna, Berinag is
Berinag Travel Guide
gorgeous scenery. Temperature touches freezing point during winters whereas summers are pleasant. Throughout our stay in the vicinity sudden accumulation of clouds causing rains was a common feature; the gorgeous emerald hues washed in rain water would
Berinag Travel Guide
look even more beautiful.

Where to stay: Our stay was booked in advance at Kumaon Mandal Vikas’s bungalow. Passing a beautiful river and traversing through quaint forests we reached the bungalow which is located in Chokri region. The location was great and
Berinag Travel Guide
services efficient; other options for accommodation include private lodges.

Places to be seen: This quaint hamlet is perched at an altitude of 1740m above sea level and its salubrious climate creates ideal conditions for yielding high quality
Berinag Travel Guide
tea plantations. Views of snow capped peaks of majestic Himalayas are a perfect eye-candy. Apart from walking in the tea gardens and enjoying the scenic scenery we spent most of our time exploring its famous snake temples such as Dhaurinag, Kalinag, Feninag,
Berinag Travel Guide
Harinag temple and more. Also Tripura Devi Temple and Koteshwar Cave Temple were interesting sites. Other than these I particularly remember our visit to Kotmanya Deer Park which is home to abundance of musk deer. Locally called Kasturi Mrig, theseare a special species of deer with
Berinag Travel Guide
a substance with a penetrating odour. The aroma of Kasturi (musk) filled in the air can be smelled from far distances and further enhances the angelic beauty of the town almost surreal.

Amidst greenery of Berinag we had the most tranquilizing rendezvous with Mother Nature. We left ecstatic and rejuvenated, we would love to go back again.

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Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Get online details about the Best Honeymoon in India from It gives information about the honeymoon tour Packages to India, popular honeymoon destinations in india and more.
Honeymoon in India
Honeymoon in India would be a different experience altogether. Starting a journey to savor serenity of the chosen destination and the influence of diverse culture on the lifestyle in that particular region, might be an initial motivation for you and your partner.
Andaman Honeymoon
But, after spending some time in any of its traveling destinations, you would feel growing fondness in your heart for the place you have sojourned with your better-half in those special moments of honeymoon. You would love the charming ambiance,
Romantic Honeymoon
refreshing air, attractions and, on top of all, the hospitable dwellers of the place. There are some of the places in India, which have been touted as the best honeymoon destinations for romantic couple for various such reasons.

Honeymoon in Goa
You can explore the list of top honeymoon destinations in India given below to know more about them.

Honeymoon in GoaIn this small Indian State, romantic couples find excellent opportunities to play in the warmth of sun on the soft blanket of sand.
Goa Honeymoon
You can take your partner to Northern Goa to show the real charisma of places like Panaji and Mapusa. There are several churches and mansions to explore in this part of Goa. You cannot miss a visit to Church of St Francis and the Basilica of Bom Jesus
Honeymoon in Goa
here. Spending time on the shores of Dona Paula, Baga, Candolim, Anjuna, Calangute, Arambol, Vagator and Colva beaches would be an enjoyable experience. You can take a tour of Anjuna Beach on Wednesday to browse through its foreigners market. 

Honeymoon in Kerala: The popularity of this
Honeymoon in Kerala
southern state of India as a honeymoon destination is on rise. Referred to as the “Gods Own Country” and ayurveda centre, in this part of India honeymooners get to enjoy the beauty of backwaters and delicious seafood preparations. Many couples during their
Kerala Honeymoon
honeymoon tour in Kerala prefer to explore its age-old traditions, health care techniques and art. They also visit temples, churches and beaches to bask in the mesmerizing combination of man-made and natural beauty. If you are planning for a
Honeymoon in Shimla
honeymoon trip to Kerala, you must not give a miss to houseboat journey here.

Honeymoon in ShimlaVery often called the 'Queen of the Hills', Shimla in India makes for another attractive honeymoon destination for the
Shimla Honeymoon
newly wed couples. Previously, it was the summer capital of the British. Now a part of the beautiful Indian State of Himachal Pradesh, this hill station amid the Himalayan range at an elevation of 7,083ft boasts of a rich treasury of nature. The dense pine and oak jungles
Himachal Honeymoon
spread across its mountainous stretch create a perfect backdrop for romance and love. You would enjoy its soothing cool climate that is both salubrious and healthy. You can take your partner to its ancient buildings such as Vice regal Lodge to show the
Honeymoon in Ooty
architectural brilliance of the city.

Honeymoon in Ooty:
Among the best honeymoon destinations in India, Ooty has earned a special place of repute for its gorgeous landscape and soothing weather. Ooty is a famous hill
Ooty Honeymoon
station in South India. It is nestled in the western ghats of Nilgiri mountainous ranges. Its distance from the sea is about 7,500 feet. On a travel to Ooty, most of the tourists go for the exhilarating Toy train ride, which covers places like Metupalaiyam and Udagamandalam.
Honeymoon in Ooty
It is an ideal place for anyone who loves the aroma of tea plantations and spices. Your attention will be engrossed in the mystic charm of its hills and its laid-back lifestyle. 

Honeymoon in Coorg:
Honeymoon in Coorg
The beauty and refreshing ambiance of this place has made it popular as the Scotland of India. Coorg is situated at an elevation of 1,525 m on the pristine Western Ghats. It can be reached from the city of Bangalore traveling about 252 kms. Here, you will come across vast
Coorg Honeymoon
stretches of orange orchards, tea & coffee gardens and verdant forests. You and your partner can embark on trekking on the Brahmagiri hills to reach beautiful Iruppa Falls. You can also take your love to Pushpagiri or Tadiandamol for a different sort of
Honeymoon in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
adventurous experience. The opportunities for white water rafting are also available here.

Honeymoon in Andaman and Nicobar Islands:
Floating in the cerulean water of Bay of Bengal, the Andaman and Nicobar islands have been
Andaman and Nicobar  Honeymoon
assigned the status of Union Territory in India. These islands are located far from the urban noise and clatters. These are counted among the famous beach destinations in India. Here, you will be able to admire the beauty of rich marine life, rare species of wildlife and plants
Honeymoon in Darjeeling
and corals. Few architectural landmarks can also be seen here.

Darjeeling in the state of West Bengal is a true honeymooner’s paradise. It is a place to bask in the soothing views of sunsets and sunrise. 
Darjeeling Honeymoon
Your partner will be completely engrossed in the sight of the snow-clad Himalayan ranges. The panorama of Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga ranges are no less impressive from here. The hill station has excellent shopping and trekking opportunities as well. You can take your 
Honeymoon in Udaipur
beloved on a Toy Train ride to adore the serene charm of the surroundings.

It is one of the favorite honeymoon destinations in India, especially for those who are fond of Indian heritage and traditions. The city of Udaipur is
Udaipur Honeymoon
located on the soothing shores of Lake Pichola. Its main attraction is Lake Palace. Here, you will also come across a large number of temples and gardens of high aesthetic values.

Honeymoon in Agra

The city of Agra can never be missed out 
Honeymoon in Agra
in the list of India’s best honeymoon destinations. The reason is simple. It has the ultimate emblem of love “Taj Mahal”.

Honeymooners from across the world visit this city to take in the pleasant views of this architectural wonder and to enjoy the unqualified moments of love and
Kashmir Honeymoon
romance. In addition,
there are many shopping malls in Agra to buy interesting souvenirs.

Attractive landscape, soothing climate and rich flora and fauna adds to the inescapable charm of Jammu & Kashmir. It
Honeymoon in Jammu and  Kashmir
is surrounded by verdant greenery and is rightly referred to as the ‘heaven on earth’. Pahalgam, Jammu, Gulmarg, Leh, Ladakh, and Patnitop are some of the very popular cities with the honeymooners in India. You can take your partner to the Amarnath Caves or
Kashmir Honeymoon
the Vaishnodevi temple in this part of India in order to seek blessings for a new peaceful life. Besides, trekking, skiing and rafting can also be tried here for an adventurous honeymooning experience in India.

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